He liked differences: this is probably why he travelled so much.

(Jorge Luis Borges)

cooking lessonCOOKING LESSONS

When you visit a region with such a rich culinary tradition, the best keepsake to bring back home is the ability to prepare some local specialties to surprise your friends.

Idea Tours gives you the best suited solution for your requirements, from home cooking in agriturismo to professional schools, from traditional restaurants to “team building” cooking classes with final assessment report and prizes.

The duration of a “standard” lesson is about 2-3 hours, but it can be extended even to more days. During the lesson you will learn to prepare some recipes of the local tradition followed by a meal to taste the results.

According to the specific solution chosen, it is possible to include apron, recipe book, and also photos taken during the lesson.

Foreign guests can also learn some Italian while having fun in the kitchen!