He liked differences: this is probably why he travelled so much.

(Jorge Luis Borges)


The first cocoa beans were brought to Torino from France in 1560, when Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy celebrated the transfer of the ducal capital from Chambéry to Torino with a cup of chocolate, thus starting a tradition still carried on by the creations of local maîtres chocolatiers.

In the early XIX century, in order to react to the commercial blockade placed by Napoleon, Michele Prochet mixed cocoa with local hazelnuts, thus originating the world-famous gianduiotto. Not to mention the Bicerìn, also created in Torino in the 1800’s with the blending of chocolate, coffee and cream.

This activity is mainly in Torino. Visit to a chocolate maker with tasting, or just tasting of a variety of exquisite tidbits. It is also possible to arrange a cooking lesson with a chocolate-based menu. A real paradise for chocoholics!