He liked differences: this is probably why he travelled so much.

(Jorge Luis Borges)


A spectacular panorama of rice paddies characterizes Vercelli, Europe’s leading rice producing area, where channels convey the Po water to submerge the land from May to September, dividing the plain symmetrically and shaping what is called “the checkered sea”.

“SafaRice” - Activity description

Guided visit with private bus to a farmhouse and rice maker, to hear from the farmers the tales from the Land of Rice and the explanation of the production techniques, from the seed to the grain.

Lunch with risotto (Italian creamy rice) and other local specialties.

“SafaRice”: let’s cross the ways among the rice paddies on a tractor, to end with a country-style merenda (afternoon snack) in the farmyard, with local cheese and salami, and a glass of wine.

It is also possible to arrange a half-day experience.