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PIEMONTE and the 3 C's: Culture, Cuisine, Cellar
torino porta palatina palio di asti tartufi bianchi
Literally "at the foot of the mountains", Piedmont is the Nort-Western region of Italy which hosts numerous natural, historical and cultural resources. Its strategic position across the Alps has determined its history, with centuries of wars for the supremacy fought both by local and foreing lords.

The proximity to France, together with the long domination of the Savoy dynasty, has facilitated several exchanges that we still find today in Piedmont language and arts, and in its great wine&food traditions, undoubtedly a glory of this region. It is not coincidence that Piedmont remained faithful to its reputation of great innovator and traditionalist at the same time, with its leading role in many important national production fields and, all the while, preserving its own traditions, chiefly the wine production and the small local food productions, which are now object to great attention thanks to associations and organizations that are today safeguarding such realities (like the Slow Food movement, which was born in Piedmont).

Among the main attractions of this region, the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy and the Sacri Monti (Sacred Mountains) have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.


langhe landscape

Gourmet paradise.

All the hilly area in South Piedmont is very well known by good wine and good food lovers.
Every year, visitors from all over the world come to the Langhe and Monferrato regions in search of an enchanting landscape blanketed with vineyards, of a slow pace of life in the shadow of ancient castles,



asti cattedrale

Rich and powerful Mediaeval city, Asti preserves today the testimonies of its eminent past in its ancient district, among palaces, fortified houses, towers and churches.

Crossed by its long main street,Corso Alfieri, on the ancient Roman road trace, Asti invites you for a promenade to enjoy its relaxing atmosphere, maybe with a stop



venraia reale - torino

Elegant Baroque capital of Piedmont and first capital of Italy, Turin is austere and inviting at the same time. With its regular grid of streets, it is embellished by kilometres of arcades, scenic squares and stately palaces.
You can spend hours in one of its celebrated museums, like the Egyptian Museum, the Sabauda Gallery, the Royal Palace, Madama Palace, the Cinema Museum,



lake orta

Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, set like jewels among the mountains, have always been a destination for visitors looking for quietness and elegance at the same time.

On the Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore, from Arona toCannobio, you find enchanting natural views, noble palaces, "liberty" style villas, marvelous gardens and peaceful



borsalino shopAlessandria is the most elegant city in South Piemonte. It is part of the Art Cities circuit in the Padana Plain, and offers to the visitor a big and lovely pedestrian area which “invites” to shopping, and also many museums and art exhibitions. The Borsalino Museum is probably Alessandria’s most distinctive one, dedicated to the classy hats made by the Borsalino



arione cuneo

"Beautiful Cuneo", says a Piedmontese folk song. With its Mediaeval origins, Cuneo is one of the most livable cities in Italy.
The home of renowned figures in Italian literature and in the history of the Resistenza during World War II, Cuneo offers to the visitor the scenic piazza Galimberti - a typical Piedmontese square, an extensive historic district, and the unforgettable

crown of the Alps, together with the cultural sites that curious visitors mostly appreciate: Mondovì and Saluzzo.

Cuneo is agreeable and precious like its valleys and the nearby ski resorts.
Here, in the Alpi Marittime mountains, you will be charmed by the Summer walks and by the huts plunged in an unspoiled nature. You will enjoy the sight of steinbocks, chamois, marmots, and recently wolves too...

You will surely find many remarkable corners where they make some of the best known Piedmontese cheeses: Castelmagno, Testùn, Raschera, just to mention a few.



vercelli sant'andrea

Chief city in the "Lands of water", Vercelli is rich inancient testimonies, like the Basilica di St. Andrea and the Cathedral dedicated to St. Eusebius. It is the capital of anhourglass-shaped province, with mountains in the north (among which the Monte Rosa, second highest mountain in the Alps), a hilly territory in the centre, and a huge plain