He liked differences: this is probably why he travelled so much.

(Jorge Luis Borges)


Formaggio Montebore

Everywhere in Italy we express our identity through wines and food, which are the outcome of the different geographical features of this long peninsula, and of the many cultures that developed here through the centuries.

We like to convey the wine&food context of a territory by telling its history, and getting to getting to know the women and men who are now carrying on its traditions. To us, savouring means living. And you can maybe learn to cook something, to surprise your friends once back home.

We choose for you the best places according to your likings, from high-rated restaurants to more homelike eateries, from professional cooking schools to more informal places, from the most celebrated wineries to the small local producers. The common denominator is given by the high quality of both products and hospitality.

Here you have a few suggestions, but we can do more...

- Visits to wine cellars and small food producers with tastings

- Cooking classes in homelike structures or professional schools

- Tastings (also led by professionals) of wine, oil, cheese, chocolate

- Truffle hunting (day or night) with tasting