He liked differences: this is probably why he travelled so much.

(Jorge Luis Borges)


The proposals "A day in..." are meant for visitors who are looking for a somewhat unusual one-day experience. These programs usually don't include the accommodation, but we can of course provide it upon request.

The recurrent theme of our "A day in..." proposals is wine&food, nevertheless, besides our suggestions, we can consider together any specific requirements you may have.

A day in... TORINO

torino gallery

First capital of unified Italy and elegant Baroque capital of Piedmont, Turin is the seat of many important institutions and world-renowned museums, and also an all-important centre for the Italian car industry. Yes, Turin is all this, but we want to show you the “tempting” soul of a true temple of Italian gastronomy.


A day in... MILAN

milan duomo

This tour is for those who visit Milan for the first time, or simply want to enjoy it in a special way, with a dedicated guide. This guided walk will lead you to the highlights of this ever-moving city, starting from the stunning Gothic Duomo, the undisputed symbol of Milan.


A Cook's day

ravioli al plin

(Langa Astigiana - Piemonte)
Did you know that some of the best known Italian recipes were born in Piemonte? If you are in love with Italian cuisine, this is a chance to learn some recipes of the Piemonte tradition. Erika will welcome you in a familiar environment in the Langhe region, to teach you how to make main courses and desserts.


A Truffle's day - White

white truffles

A unique experience: a truffle hunt with a “trifulau” (truffle hunter) and his trusted dog. After a tasting of truffle products, you will enjoy a lunch with local specialties and a “shave” of white truffle, followed by a visit to the Alba International White Truffle Fair (October-November weekends), or another truffle fair in the region.


A Truffle's day - Not only white

black truffles

Piemonte is not only white truffle. In every season other truffles grow in the region, including the Summer black truffle. If you don’t like to come in very high season, you don’t need to give up an experience entirely dedicated to truffles.


A Barolo day

botti in cantina

A day-trip in the Barolo land to meet big and small producers of the “king of wines”. An opportunity to taste the celebrated Langhe region throughout the year! To complete your knowledge about Barolo wine, you will enjoy a visit to the brand new Wine Museum in the Castle of Barolo.